Zero Waste Daniel – Brooklyn designer turns waste scrap fabric into high fashion

Daniel Silverstein looked at what was around him and used his creativity and talent to make a difference (and some nifty clothes. )  As well as being an artist and inspiration, he is reducing landfill and creating jobs, nurturing talent and creating community cohesion through his shop.

Visit Daniel’s webpage // Twitter @ZeroWasteDaniel // Facebook @ZeroWasteDaniel


Must Make

It makes sense to me now that I have learned that the making is an essential component of me not losing my shit. It’s more important than sleep or a sensible conversation when my temperature is rising, more helpful than strategy, more fundamental than insight. It’s the bit that comes before, during and after a crisis that makes sure I don’t get lost, it’s trails of breadcrumbs that mark my path.

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65 Craft Blogs We Love

Links to 65 craft sites from Doller Store Crafts.

I don’t really go in the UK equivalent – The Pound Shop and it’s variants – but I think it might be time to have a look next time I pass one.

I have also learned via that there is such a thing as upholstery paint. I have no idea if / how well it works but – what an amazing idea.

Also, today I learned of the existence of zebra-print duct tape. The possibilities are endless.