Inverted Commerce is about looking at a different way of doing things.

By looking at how you live – how you spend your time and money – and considering if there might be a better way. A way that allows you to be more free, fulfilled and kinder.

Your legacy is defined by what you do not what you spend.

The Western world is based on commerce: give, take, buy and sell. This cycle is exhausting; mentally, emotionally and in its toll on the planet’s resources. We suggest you get off the ride.

We are bombarded by media and advertising, simply to make us buy things. We are bombarded with negative messages in order that we will buy products to make us ‘better’. Become aware of what articles are printed next to which adverts, which TV commercials are in between your favourite shows.

Send out your own message about who you are. Be your own advert.

Look around you and see what real people look like.

There are only finite physical resources. We can exhaust ourselves chasing them, or be creative with them. Creativity is good for the planet and good for the soul.


  • do I need to spend this pound, that I have worked hard for?
  • will how I spend it help the producer, the planet?

You can be rich in money and goods. These are not in themselves bad, or bad aims – but aim for balance by being good in your heart and rich in your spiritual life.

Take your transactions off grid.

Money is a token to exchange for goods and services. You do not need to use the token: goods and services can be directly exchanged. Barter, trade, do favours, swap. For every ‘off grid’ transaction you are more free and more independent.

Use local money, make your own money, ignore money completely. Make, find, grow.

Greed is when by taking for yourself, you are taking away from someone else; when someone else is made less by your desire to grow. A bee takes from the flower but it also benefits the flower. Symbiosis exists in nature, reciprocity is the natural way. Taking and depletion eventually lead to there being nothing left for anyone.

Free can mean without monetary cost but it can also mean without restrictions to your person physically, conceptually or spiritually, a creation of independence.

Work has value whether whether at home, for the service of customers, family, strangers, or the planet.

When we practice Inverted Commerce we:

  • are aware of marketing and how it wants us to feel and act.
  • know what our own aims and priorities are.
  • consider who and what is affected by our actions.
  • care about producers and quality.
  • care about sustainability and the environment.
  • nurture our talents, health and that of others.
  • express ourselves through creativity and play.

The Inverted Commerce website is a shopping street where everything is free. Browse our ‘shops’ and help yourself to ideas to take away and share. You don’t need cash for an Inverted Commerce shopping spree and you’ll come out richer in ideas and spirit as well as money and time.

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